The State of Developer Education
Building products for a global audience at LinkedIn with Thao Bach
December 6, 2022
Thao Bach, a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn, joins host Jon Gottfried to discuss the peculiarities of international software development, diversity, and educational opportunities for new developers.
Thao Bach is a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn Mountain View and Co-President of Mount Holyoke's Computer Science Society. Her experience spans the development of open-source, closed-source, and consumer-facing software. She is a strong advocate of diversity—her work at LinkedIn is focused on cultivating a more inclusive community by building inclusive products.

In this episode, Thao illuminates the differences between LinkedIn from region to region and describes the behavior that drives development. She also discusses what college did not prepare her for, the exciting world of open source, and the pros/cons of obtaining a degree vs. a nontraditional route.

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