The State of Developer Education
The Art and Science of Mastering Your Craft with Sandile Keswa, Senior Software Engineer at Google
December 8, 2022
Senior Software Engineer at Google Sandile Keswa discusses the role of open source development in his career. He shares his story and offers advice on how to get involved in the community.
What is the best career path for a new developer? Should you go to college? What about grad school? Regardless of your path, getting involved in the open-source community is a smart way to learn, collaborate, and build a strong portfolio. 

In this interview, Jon chats with the Senior Software Engineer at Google Research, Sandile Keswa. He shares insight about projects he's worked on, hybrid learning models in education, building apps vs. building infrastructure, how to get involved in open source, top secret projects he can't talk about, advice for up-and-coming developers on where to start, and more!

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