The State of Developer Education
The Developer Ecosystem with Olivier Poupeney, Director of Developer Relations at
January 19, 2023
Olivier Poupeney visits to discuss the exciting professional opportunities that Symphony’s collaboration platform provides for the financial services industry. Topics covered include a retrospective look at the past thirty years of innovation, design principles and practices, skill building, and the future of open source education.
When Olivier Poupeney started his career in software development in the early 1990s, DevOps did not exist, Ethernet was not invented yet, and it took twenty minutes to compile a simple program! Today, we are living in a utopia of connectivity.

In this episode, Jon Gottfried and Olivier Poupeny, Director of Developer Relations at Symphony, discuss the evolution of software development from "sneakernet" to 5G. Jon and Olivier take an in-depth look at developer relations—from Symphony's Developer Ecosystem and essential job skills to developer education and career development.

Olivier Poupeney is the Director of Developer Relations at Symphony, a collaboration platform with community-driven developer kits for fintech developers. Olivier co-founded and was the VP of Research and Development at Ecensity. He also co-founded and was a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at DreamFace Interactive, and worked as CTO for Interactive Clouds. He has made significant contributions to numerous enterprise-level development projects in various industries and is co-author of a patented method of creating customisable applications. He holds an Associate's degree in Science Computing from Vilgénis (Massy).

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